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Sunday, December 14, 2008
Pictures =P
6:07 PM

Random pictures i found while surfing the interweb =P and yes i do know that most of them are emo but i happen to like emo pictures so deal with it! >=D

i think this picture is really cool. Trying to decide if i want my D&D character to be based off of her...

It's like a japanese moses =P

awesome! love dragons =D

i really like this...even though it's really emo/depressing =P

kind of scary...but still cool

this would be an awesome cosplay.. if i were that pale... >.< =P
this is cute...and emo =P

i like this... really like the wooden mask she's holding

It's like a pirate hangout!!! awesome! =D

heehee ipod... =P

oooo magic! another D&D choice...as in mage =D

like an emo depressing sewer rat... or assassin... O.O

love her dress!!! and her bird =P

like the glow coming from the box...looks way cool ^_^

love the tatoo under her eye...way cool =D

He's pretty =P (Yes it's a guy ^_^)

I love the bold colors =D

This is just very magical =D

Emo guy with a gun >=D

I love this Castle-Ship-thingy!!! =DD

So this is a picture of "Justice" because justice is blind. get it? =P

I think this picture is really weird but kind of cute... >.<>idk...


i really like the water colors! =D

She's really pretty ^_^


idk.. fox-girl?? >.<
emo heart balloon!
So there are some of the many various pictures i found... =D i really like them ^.^ so yeah.... i'm a dork.... O.o

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Love you Grandma
5:12 PM

It's not fun you know... To sit in a funeral home waiting for all the crying relatives to arrive. Not fun to have to see your grandpa crying every few seconds, and trying to hold it in.

Not fun to have your 4 year old cousin ask your aunt why grandma won't wake up. To have him ask why everyone's crying.

It's not fun to see your uncle crying while holding his 14 month old son, because his son will never know his grandma.

It's not fun to watch the old videos of christmass' long past or look at the photos of trips you weren't even alive to know about. To look at the pictures of happy times.

It's an awful feeling to go into the next room and look in the coffin to see the waxy looking doll they say is your Grandma. But you know this isn't your grandma anymore, because your grandma was always smiling and your grandma was never that pale. but you also know your grandma's gone.

It's nice to talk though. To hear stories about crazy vacations to Europe or Florida or just Des Moines. To laugh at the stories. Because no matter where they were, they always seemed to be lost and when they finally found their campground it was always very dark and raining.

The stories about how much of a shopper my grandma was, and how they joke that she's gone to "the big shopping mall in the sky".

Then 2 friends from school show up, even though you didn't tell anyone what had happened and where you were going to be... and you feel really loved and happy that they came. it's really nice.

The next day comes and it's time for the funeral. You sit quietly in the pew trying not to cry, as everyone around you does. Then your mom stands up to give her speech and you just can't hold it in any longer. you can't seem to stop and your tears make your make-up run and your nose runs and you feel like hell.

Then the service is over. and you feel better. as you follow her coffin out to the hearse, you feel a lot better. And just as the Hearse drives away you say your last goodbyes and you finally feel ok about her death.

That's not to say that you still don't cry that night, and the next night. And you still feel really weird whenever someone starts to talk about death. But you get better and you still remember the old times with your Grandma. and uyou start to think that maybe Death isn't such a bad thing. Maybe it's just the next step on to something better. And you feel ok.

So Goodbye Grandma. And though i miss you a lot... i know your in a better place and at least you know have all your memories back.


Sharron Jan Ploeger

We love you and miss you

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