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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
2:03 PM

this is a pointless blog entry in which i am going to write a bunch of crap which really has no reason being on a blog. But this is my blog and i can post whatever the fuck i want on it and i want to vent so here is my random blog entry...

First we will start with swearing.... (those of weak hearts and inocent ears...eh...eyes might want to skip this part...)


ok now that that is out of my system we can move on.
Step 2: Ranting about being a sterotypical Teen...

stereotypical teens come with:
1. iPod
4. Sarcasm
5. love for all things rebellious

You can also buy expansion packs for your stereotypical Teen. Including:

The "Gangster Wannabe" Pack.
Comes with:
1. Pants with a waist that will hang below your knees
2. Bling
3. An oversized shirt
4. Swearing

The "Preppy Bitch" Pack
comes with:
1. A sweater set in your choice of color
2. A purse and matching shoes
3. Expensive Jewelry
4. An abundance of Rude comments about hair, clothes, ect.

The "Goth Kid" Pack
1. A Heavy-Metal Rock Band T-Shirt
2.Eye Liner
3. Army boots
4. Dark Outlook on Life

The "Band Geek" Pack
Comes with:
1. A Marching Band Outfit
2. Tuba
3. Braces
4. The need to practice till their lips fall off

The "Nerd" Pack
1. A Calculator
2. Suspenders
3. Big Glasses
4. A Pack of trading Cards (Your choice of Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, or Digemon)
5. Computer with comic books downloaded on to it

Well i for one HATE Stereotypes and i think they are dumb. show me ONE person who fits under only one of these catagories and i'll show you a mountain made of ice creme where pigs fly in the purple sky and the unicorns play with the talking bunnies.

Step 3:The Boy Problem

I have no boyfriend and i wish i did. that's all i'm going to say on the subject.

Step 4: The bright outlook....
Well i've run out of things to rant about so i'm going to wrap it up. I'm really happy that sami's having a party and i'm trying hard to have a positive outlook on life. But PMS tends to get to me and i have to vent...
So that's it
Over and Out
PS sorry if i offened anyone in this post.... unless i ment to offend... then i'm not sorry ^^

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Friday, February 15, 2008
French class
3:21 PM

Things you may want to know how to say if you are ever stuck in France...

J'ai des escargots dans mes sous-vêtements ! = I have snails in my underclothing!

Mordez- Moi = Bite Me

Je vais vous tuer!! = I will Kill You!!

Je veux un Muffin!! = I want a Muffin!!

Aide ! Ce garçon a volé mon Muffin ! ! = Help! That boy stole my Muffin!!!

Damnez-vous voleur de muffin ! = Damn you muffin theif!!! (actual word translation= Damnez you robber of muffin! XD)

Ta Mere = Your mom

Je suis allergique à la lumière du soleil ! = I am allergic to the light of the sun!

Aucun je ne vous ai pas volé papier de toilette != No I stole you paper of toilet! (i tryed to translate " No i did not steal your toilet paper!" and this is what came up...)

Qui a mangé mon T-Rex de chocolat ?= Who ate my Chocolate T-Rex??

Liz ressemble à un panda pas un lapin != Liz looks like a panda not a bunny!

Je suis une bête sexy ! = I am a sexy beast!

ok i should stop now...>.<
I LOVE online translators ^-^
so if your ever stuck in france remember these helpful phrases!
Au revoir! (see ya)

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Life in General
1:51 PM

Je Suis Moi
I Am Me

that's about all i have to say. And I'm damn proud of that fact.

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Friday, February 8, 2008
Drama Soup Anyone?
11:09 PM

well winterfest is over and i'm just gonna say that somethings didn't go as well as planned. here are my little blurbs for some of the people who were there...

I'm going to be quite blunt in these things so if you are easily hurt or offended don't read!!!
1.) Quite frankly i'm very dissapointed in you. We all know what that boy wants and yet you still follow him around blindly. To be honest i'm really mad at you right now but i'm sure when he or some other guy hurts you i'll be there holding some cookie dough and handing out lots of hugs. Because it hurts to be mad at you but sometimes i just can't help it!!! I feel like your putting this boy above all of your friends and it depresses me...
2.)I love you to piesess but you need to learn somethings. You said it would be a "girls night" and that you'd hang out and dance with us. But low-and-behold you ditch us all night to have make-out fests with you BF. Which normally i'd be like whatever it's your life but you didn't hang with us ONCE!!! the only time i danced with you was when we forcefully dragged you away. Let's face it, I'm sure his lips will still be there tomorrow, so why didn't you spend sometime with us??
3.)Dancing buddy, You rock my socks off!
4.) I'm way proud of you! You hung with your BF and still found time to dance with me! =D you made me one happy camper!
5.) didn't really have a chance to talk to you all night but hope you had fun.
well there they are. Read them or not and think what you will...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
1:51 PM

i'm bored
So i decided to write a pointless blog entry
maybe i'll rant some...yeah that could be fun.... but then again the things i want to rant about will probably hurt peoples feelings so... maybe i better not.
Winterfest is friday. I'm pretty excited about it. I have decided that i'm, going to have fun and not let the whole boyfriendless thing get to me. but knowing me i'll probably let it ruin my night but i'm going to try really hard to make sure it doesn't.
hmmmm i found out my sister has 2 guys that like her and i don't even have one. kinda ironic...
her ex wrote a blog about how in love with her he is. but no one's suppose to know that she/I know....so keep it on the DL
what else...
oh the movie juno rocks
and i love the song hero comes home from the movie beowulf...you can listen to it on youtube...
I'm a Pirate(try and figure that one out...^_^)
oh and i was trying to figure out what my job would be for the occupation day(which didn't sctually happen...>.<) but i took some quizes...
so i'll either be a ninja =D
A daycare assistant...>.<
i like the first one the best...
well that's about it....
*Rant ended*

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